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This set of modules is intended to provide working examples of Backdrop's
features and APIs. The modules strive to be simple, well documented and
modification friendly, in order to help developers quickly learn their inner

These examples are meant to teach you about code-level development for Backdrop.
Some solutions might be better served using a contributed module, so that
you don't end up having to re-invent the wheel in PHP.

How To Use The Examples

There are three main ways to interact with the examples in this project:

  1. Enable the modules and use them within Backdrop. Not all modules will have
    obvious things to see within the interface. For instance, while the Page and Form API
    examples will show you forms, the Database API example will not show you much
    within Backdrop itself.

  2. Read the code. Much effort has gone into making the example code readable,
    not only in terms of the code itself, but also the extensive inline comments
    and documentation blocks.

  3. Browse the code and documentation on the web. There are two main places to
    do this:

How To Install The Modules

  1. Install Backdrop Module Examples for Developers (unpacking it to your
    /modules directory if you're installing by hand, for example).

  2. Enable the desired Example modules in admin/modules.

  3. Rebuild access permissions if you are prompted to.

  4. Profit! The examples would appear in your Navigation menu if there was one.
    (Since we've removed the navigation menu in Backdrop they won't appear anywhere
    until somebody updates the code.)

Now you can read the code and its comments and see the result, experiment with
it, and hopefully quickly grasp how things work.

If you find a problem, incorrect comment, obsolete or improper code or such,
please search for an issue about it at
If there isn't already an issue for it, please create a new one.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.



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