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This module will replace the Backdrop contrib module called Entity Metadata  Wrapper and will include its functionality. That module started as a port of EMW
but then morphed into a support module for D7 ports requiring Entity API. This
led to some confusion as to why a module might be dependent on Entity Metadata
Wrappers. This is an attempt to correct that. This module also renames several
functions from the entity_xxx() format to entity_plus_xxx() format to
prevent conflict with other ports which may incorporate these function names,
and also in case some of these functions are eventually merged into core as is
currently proposed (e.g. entity_save()).

This module extends the entity API of Backdrop core with additional helper
functions, an entity controller compatible with the Drupal Entity API and
also the Drupal 7 Entity Metadata Wrappers functionality.

This is an API module. You only need to enable it if a module depends on it or
you are interested in using it for development.


Entity Metadata Wrappers usage

  • This module introduces a unique place for metadata about entity properties:
    hook_entity_property_info(), whereas hook_entity_property_info() may be
    placed in your module's {YOUR_MODULE} include file. For details
    have a look at the API documentation, i.e. hook_entity_property_info() and

  • The information about entity properties contains the data type and callbacks
    for how to get and set the data of the property. That way the data of an
    entity can be easily re-used, e.g. to export it into other data formats like

  • For making use of this information (metadata) the module provides some
    wrapper classes which ease getting and setting values. The wrapper supports
    chained usage for retrieving wrappers of entity properties, e.g. to get a
    node author's mail address one could use:

    $wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('node', $node);

    To update the user's mail address one could use



    $wrapper->author->mail = '';

    The wrappers always return the data as described in the property
    information, which may be retrieved directly via entity_plus_get_property_info()
    or from the wrapper:

    $mail_info = $wrapper->author->mail->info();

    In order to force getting a textual value sanitized for output one can use,

    $wrapper->title->value(array('sanitize' => TRUE));

    to get the sanitized node title. When a property is already returned
    sanitized by default, like the node body, one possibly wants to get the
    not-sanitized data as it would appear in a browser for other use-cases.
    To do so one can enable the 'decode' option, which ensures for any sanitized
    data the tags are stripped and HTML entities are decoded before the property
    is returned:

    $wrapper->body->value->value(array('decode' => TRUE));

    That way one always gets the data as shown to the user. However if you
    really want to get the raw, unprocessed value, even for sanitized textual
    data, you can do so via:



This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory
for complete text.