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Creates separate "Edit account" and "Edit profile" tabs for each user, with custom user fields configured under "Edit profile."


  1. Install this module as you would any other. This will immediately result in
    the "Edit" tab on all user accounts being renamed to "Edit account".
  2. If you haven't added any custom user fields yet, you won't yet see an "Edit
    profile" tab. To add user fields, go to Administration > Configuration >
    User Accounts > Account settings > Manage fields.
  3. Once you've added some fields, all user accounts will get a new "Edit
    profile" tab on which they can edit their own values of the fields you
  4. If User Pictures are enabled, the form to select/change the user picture will
    by default be found on the "Edit account" tab. To move this to the new "Edit
    profile" tab, go to Administration > Configuration > User Accounts >
    Edit Profile and check the box. This option will be disabled if User Pictures
    are not enabled.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory
for complete text.



Ported from the Drupal module built by David Rothstein