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This module contains helper functions for Backdrop developers. It provides a
wide array of tools for examining the functionality of your site, including:

  • Displaying a list of all SQL queries executed per page.
  • Integrating with XHProf to show what PHP was executed and identify slow calls.
  • Executing arbitrary PHP.
  • Switch between different users.
  • Report memory usage at the bottom of each page.
  • A mail-system class which redirects outbound email to files.
  • Utility functions for dumping variables to the page or messages area.

Although the abilities of this module are restricted to a permission
('access development information'), it's a good idea not to have this module
enabled on production servers due to its exceedingly dangerous functionality.

The most common functions for dumping variables include:

  • dpr(): Prints a variable using print_r() to the messages area.
  • dpm(): Prints a variable using the krumo library to the messages area.
  • dvm(): Prints a variable using var_export() to the messages area.

All of these functions will only show the messages to users that have the
'access development information' permission.

Included in this package is also:

  • devel_node_access module which prints out the node_access records for a given node. Also offers hook_node_access_explain for all node access modules to implement. Handy.
  • devel_generate.module which bulk creates nodes, users, comment, terms for development.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.


Originally written for Drupal by

This module is seeking additional maintainers.