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Ever wanted to use CSS Grid because you can, but don't want to mess up older browsers? Have no fear, this module adds a little CSS to make all multicolumn layouts from Backdrop core use CSS Grid.

For any browser that can use grid, they'll get grid layout (only in multi-column areas) instead of flexbox, and of course if they can't support flexbox they'll get float based layouts.

Why do this?

Because I can! CSS Grid can work out a lot better than flexbox for page layout (it depends), but only ~75% of the users on the internet have browsers that support it. Eventually a better version of this CSS might be what's in Backdrop core, but for now it's here, for funsies.

To learn how CSS Grid works, I recommend:

Can I use this in production?

Yes, probably?

But don't feel like you have to use CSS Grid because it's new. Bootstrap's flexbox based grid (what Backdrop core has) is great for most sites. Since this module trying to be compatible with core and Bootstrap grids, it's not an idea implementation of CSS Grid, it's a 'funsies implementation'.

That said, if you find it useful, go for it! I'm 80% sure it's prod ready CSS


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
complete text.