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Simple module to add the Charts.css framework for data visualisation to
inline content and turn data into beautiful charts and graphs using
simple CSS classes.

Please note that this CSS framework can not do calculations so will not format charts generated from Views.

[todo] create Views module intergration so ChartsCSS can be used with dynamic data.

You will need to add the calculation to the 'td style=' tag in order to
tell the framework how to display the data. To minimize logarithmic errors,
the best practice is to calculation using CSS calc() function.

For example...

  .  <tr>
  .    <td style="--size: calc( 40 / 100 )"> $40K </td>
  .  </tr>
  .  <tr>
  .    <td style="--size: calc( 60 / 100 )"> $60K </td>
  .  </tr>

See the menu /admin/config/content/chartcss/help for links to the Framework and an example.

This module uses the chartsCSS framework on github


No dependencies.


Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at

Visit the configuration page under Administration > ChartCSS (/admin/chartcss).


Additional documentation is located in the Wiki:


Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in the Issue Queue:

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.