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The Agenda module allows you to display a list of upcoming events from
Google Calendar as a block on your website.

The events are automatically downloaded and cached from the Calendar IDs
specified in the Agenda administration page. Unlimited calendars can be
added, and the colours for each calendar can be specified in the CSS file.

The output is fully themeable, and uses jQuery for dynamic effects such
as rounded corners, and click-toggling extra information.

This is a port from the Drupal module of the same name.


This is an initial port of the module ready for testing but not for use.


This module depends on the Google api php client library which you
need to download and install in your libraries folder.


  • Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at

  • Also install the Libraries module for Backdrop and add the Google
    API client library to your sites libraries folder in a
    subdirectory 'google-api-php-client'.

  • To install the Google API Client Library for PHP:

  • To obtain a Google API Developer ID key:

    • Navigate to
    • Select 'Use Google APIs' and create a project.
    • Navigate to "APIs" in the left menu of the new project and turn on
      the Calendar API (agree to the Terms of Service).
    • Navigate to "Credentials" in the left menu under "APIs & auth".
    • Create a new key (server key) if you don't already have one. You may
      have to (or want to) specify particular IP addresses to accept
      requests from.
    • Once it's created, it will display on that page. Copy the "API KEY"
      and save it for the next step (see CONFIGURATION below).


  • Navigate to module settings at admin/config/services/agenda
  • Click the "Settings" tab and add your Google API Key (see "Obtain a
    Google API Developer ID key" under INSTALLATION in this file).
    The module will not work until you have done so.
  • Navigate back to the module settings and configure each block
    to be used.

Help & Documentation

See readme.txt for more information about installation and use.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this
directory for complete text.

Current porting to Backdrop

Graham Oliver (


Maintainer for Drupal:

  • Gus Childs (guschilds)


This port to Backdrop would not, of course, be possible without all
the work done by the developers and maintainers of the Drupal module.