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XCache - is a fast, stable ​PHP opcode cacher that has been proven and is now running on production servers under high load.

This module provide ability to store all cached data in XCache var storage.


  • XCache available only for PHP 5.x version.
  • To make this module works you need to have access to change php.ini file. See #INSTALATION.
  • You need to have xcache extension enabled and properly configured.
  • Right now module provides only Cache class to replace BackdropDatabaseCache. No need to enable module. Just download it into modules folder.


  1. Download module to modules folder.
  2. Change xcache.ini or php.ini file by adding next settings:
xcache.var_namespace_mode = 1
xcache.var_namespace = "HTTP_HOST"

This settings allow to separate cached variables by domain name.

Also you have to make sure that next variables properly set as well:

xcache.var_size = 100M ; memory size for variables

See more details here
3. Change settings.php by adding next lines:

$settings['cache_default_class'] = 'XCacheCache';
$settings['cache_backends'] = array('modules/xcache/xcache.class.php');