Modules can add new features to your Backdrop site, or improve the way your existing features currently work.

  1. Similar Entries

    posted Dec 23rd 2016

    Provides a default View with block display for listing published content that
    is similar to the content being viewed.

    This module uses MySQL's FULLTEXT indexing for MyISAM tables, and should
    automatically add the index when you activate the module for the first time.

  2. Http:BL

    posted Oct 30th 2016

    Provides IP-based blacklisting through http:BL and allows linking to a honeypot by using Project Honeypot (

  3. Markdown filter

    posted Sep 25th 2015

    Provides Markdown filter integration for Backdrop input formats. The
    Markdown syntax is designed to co-exist with HTML, so you can set up
    input formats with both HTML and Markdown support. It is also meant to
    be as human-readable as possible when left as "source".

  4. Markdown Extra filter

    posted May 1st 2016

    Don't use this module.

    Markdown Extra merged into Markdown.

  5. Previous login

    posted May 1st 2016

    Add a detective security control to Backdrop by displaying the previous login timestamp after a successful login.

  6. robots.txt

    posted Jul 31st 2016

    Control the contents of your robots.txt file through Backdrop configuration.

  7. Session expire

    posted Aug 7th 2016

    Deletes user sessions which have been idle longer than a configured time.

    On busy sites, the sessions table can grow to be very large, and that can cause slow accesses to it, as well as slow writes due to locking, leading to performance bottlenecks.

  8. Session limit

    posted Aug 6th 2016

    Limit the number of simultaneous sessions users may have. Limits can be applied by role and per account.

    Force users to log out of any extra sessions after they exceed the administrator-defined maximum.

  9. Site verification

    posted Jul 31st 2016

    Verify ownership of your Backdrop website to search engine services.

    Supported vendors are:

  10. Ejector Seat

    posted Aug 6th 2016

    Use Javascript (ajax) code to check periodically to see if a user is still logged in. If the user is NOT logged in, the current page is reloaded so that the user sees the page as an anonymous user.

  11. Redirect 403 to User Login

    posted Jul 4th 2016

    Redirect the HTTP 403 error page to the Backdrop /user/login page.

  12. Bot repellent

    posted Jul 29th 2016

    Add the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header to instruct search index bots on permissible activity.

  13. Bad judgement

    posted Jun 30th 2016

    Trust me. You shouldn't be enabling this module.

    But if you do enable this module, you shouldn't be enabling the module that
    requires this module either.

  14. Paranoia

    posted May 1st 2016

    Impose additional restrictions on the granting of elevated privileges to anonymous and authenticated user roles.

  15. Passphrase policy

    posted Jun 29th 2016

    Enforce restrictions on user passwords by defining a password policy that encourages the use of pass phrases.

  16. Member for hack

    posted Jul 31st 2016

    Alter the creation date on a user profile that is used for displaying the "Member for" time period.

    Suggested altered creation dates:

  17. Text sitemap

    posted Jul 30th 2016

    Creates a virtual sitemap.txt file for indexing by search engines.

  18. Disable login errors

    posted Jun 22nd 2016

    Prevent user enumeration by blocking the display of all login error messages. A user attempting to login will not be aware if the account exists, an invalid user name or password has been submitted, or if the account is blocked.

    Some of the messages which are hidden include:

  19. Flood control

    posted Jun 22nd 2016

    Add an administration interface for hidden variables that limit login attempts and contact form submissions in Backdrop.

  20. Diskfree

    posted May 1st 2016

    Get a disk utilization report in Backdrop's status report and a cron-triggered e-mail warning when locally mounted disk space on your Backdrop server reaches a preset threshold.

    The alert e-mail uses the following template:

  21. Clear Password Field

    posted May 1st 2016

    This Backdrop module clears common password form fields.

  22. X-Originating-IP

    posted May 1st 2016

    Add the X-Originating-IP header to all outgoing Backdrop emails to assist with investigation of the sources for spam and unsolicited bulk email.

  23. Remove Generator

    posted May 1st 2016

    Remove Backdrop's Generator META tag to hinder web application fingerprinting.