Jim Birch is a Strategist at Xeno Media, Inc who specializes in planning, architecting, and developing digital projects for clients in the Education, Exhibition, Floor Coverings, Government, Publishing, and Technology industries.

Jim is known for writing tutorials at http://jimbir.ch which are often featured on Drupal Planet, The Weekly Drop, and the Drupal Newsletter.

Jim is a seasoned technology speaker having written and presented sessions at BADcamp, Twin Cities Drupal Camp, DrupalCorn and many Chicago area meetups.

Along with a group of talented and great individuals, Jim is an organizer of the Drupal Chicago Meetup Group and MidCamp - The Midwest Drupal Camp.

Ways in which I contribute to Backdrop CMS: 
  • I provide services related to Backdrop CMS
  • I create/comment on issues for Backdrop CMS on GitHub (core or contrib)
  • I create Pull Requests against Backdrop CMS (core or contrib)
  • I create/comment on issues for backdropcms.org
  • I create Pull Requests against backdropcms.org
  • I give support in live chat, via Gitter or IRC
  • I have made a financial donation to the Backdrop Foundation