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Abandoned projects

A Backdrop contributed project is considered Abandoned when there is no maintainer listed in the file. 

The only people who are authorized to make changes to an abandoned project are members of either the Backdrop Security Team or the Backdrop Bug Squad.  An abandoned project will not have any new releases other than security releases issued by the Backdrop Security Team or bug-fix releases issued by the Backdrop Bug Squad.

A project must have a current maintainer listed in the file to have a new release containing new features, or any substantial changes.

Determining Abandoned Projects

If you believe that a project has been abandoned but there is a maintainer listed in the file, you can open an issue asking the maintainer if the project is abadoned.

  • If the maintainer responds within 2 weeks, the project has not been abandoned.
  • If the maintainer does NOT respond within 2 weeks, you can [create an issue in this repository]( to request that the maintainer's name be removed from the file. Please include a link to the issue you filed for the project.
  • Please understand that removing all maintainers will halt all forward progress for the project, as no new releases will be allowed until there is at least one maintainer listed again.
  • Other options include:
    • Offer to co-maintain the project with the current maintainer.
    • Locate another person who would be willing to co-maintain the project.
    • Offer to take over maintainership of the project.
    • Locate another person who would be willing to take over maintainership of the project.

Adopting Abandoned Projects

You may apply to adopt an abandoned project. The procedure is as follows:

  1. If you haven't already, please join the Backdrop Contrib group by submitting an application.
  2. File an issue with the current project requesting to help maintain the project.
    • If written permission is granted by a current maintainer, create a PR that adds your name to the file in the list of maintainers.
    • If the project does not have a listed maintainer, or if a current maintainer does not respond within 2 weeks, create a separate issue asking to be added as a maintainer. Please include a link to the issue you filed in he queue for the abandoned project.
  3. After confirming the project has been abandoned, a Backdrop Contrib administrator will add your name to the list of maintainers in that project's file.
  4. You may now maintain the project directly as though given permission by the current maintainer. Likewise, you may now grant permission for others to co-maintain the project as well.