Currently looking into the next shift where A.I. automation tools may integrate CMS/PM/etc. at the "middleware" level, and generating static web pages to the front end blogs, etc. This may also help face security challenges in a less overwhelming way. I have put all CMS related endeavours on hold while exploring that landscape. May take the best part of 2018 and beyond. Meanwhile, also paying attention to the developments in the CMS area related to account security, multi-factor protection and decentralisation.

IMO, Backdrop should integrate with the Fediverse (Mastodon, PeerTube, etc.). We (Drupal 7.x/Backdrop/etc.) have all the experience and most of the methods and tools needed to help manage A.I. transparency. This is relevant both from a IT strategy perspective but also regarding the future of Content Management.

Ways in which I contribute to Backdrop CMS: 
  • I create/comment on issues for Backdrop CMS on GitHub (core or contrib)